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Looking Forward. Looking Back.

I love this image.  It captures my life and my heart.  These two best friends encompass the past, the present, and the future.  One is my daughter and one is my granddaughter.

When I reflect on this picture, I can’t help but think about my granddaughter’s father, my oldest son, when he was around this age.  He was such an inquisitive little boy, a constant tinkerer.  He was always building something.  He constantly wanted to know how things worked.  His busyness was one of the greatest blessings in my life because it was the impetus behind our pursuing homeschooling.

Back in 1994 when we embarked on this homeschool adventure, it was an experiment for us filled with unknowns and undefined outcomes.  Homeschooling was a completely foreign concept, and we had never even heard of it until the day we decided to accept the challenge. Now, 24 years later, five of our children have graduated from our homeschool.

The hindsight view is clearly defined.  Our homeschool as defined by outside perspectives has been an academic success. A chemical engineer, an employed full-time disabled adult, an occupational therapy assistant, a PhD physics grad student, and a Top Scholar undergrad later, the questions about where their homeschool journeys would lead them have been answered.  Our homeschool as defined by our parental views is one of even greater pride.  Our adult children are amazing people who daily fill us with thanksgiving at having the honor of being their parents.

Our younger three children are still active participants in this Wonderland adventure.  Each day, as their homeschool parent, I acknowledge that awesome responsibility of being their primary educator and commit myself to being their teacher. Their current daily lives will ultimately influence their futures.  It is my responsibility to be constantly aware of the impact that our educational choices will have on their ability to pursue their goals.

Looking forward toward their futures, I take the same approach that I did with their older siblings.  Homeschooling is not for the passive participant.  We are daily navigating a journey, not just pursuing a destination.

About Karen

Welcome to our adventure! I am Karen (aka Alice or the Mad Hatter, depending on the day), the leader/teacher on this incredible journey. Author of Treasured Conversations: Writing through Guided Analysis and Homeschooling at the Helm. My books are available through Educents.

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